In order to celebrate World Whisky Day – which this year falls on Saturday 18th May – we thought we would share with you these fabulous whisky cocktails we created for a Burns Night feast back in January.

:: Rusty Nail – Scotch, Drambuie, angostura bitters

:: Mr Howell – Rum, Scotch, lime, maple syrup

:: Flying Scotsman – Scotch, vermouth, bitters, sugar

:: Bloody Queen Mary – Scotch, tomato juice, lemon, tabasco

Although these all feature Scotch, World Whisky Day is all about celebrating the ‘water of life’ from around the globe. Bourbon, American, Irish, Canadian, Indian and Japanese are just a few on the essential whisky list to try! Straight, one the rocks, with soda or in a cocktail, the right way to drink whisky is the way you like to.

And how do we serve these delightful drinks at our event we hear you cry! Well, Stones is not only known for its fabulous food – we can also offer a fully bespoke bar service for your event too. With a bar structure that comes in various shapes and sizes, you can be assured that we will be able to provide the perfect service area for your drinks. Our bars come equipped with ice wells, speed rails and plenty of glassware storage, ensuring that guests are never waiting too long for their favourite tipple. The frontage of the bars can also be fully customisable, ensuring the bar will blend with your theme. Chat to one of our planners to find out how we can create the perfect serve for you!

To find out more about World Whisky Day follow this link . We encourage you to drink responsibly…