June 9th sees the return of a very important celebration in the Stones Events calendar – it’s World Gin Day! As you will all be aware, gin has seen a massive revival over the past few years, with micro distilleries popping up all over the place and some of the already established players in the gin world launching new flavours.

From its earliest origins in the Middle Ages, this great drink has evolved from a herbal medicine to the tipple it is known as today! It was originally based on the Dutch liquor jenever and became popular in England when William of Orange because King William III. These days, gin tends to be primarily flavoured with juniper, with then botanicals, herbs, spices, floral notes and even fruit being added to create complex flavours.

This growing trend was very much captured in one of our stunning wedding a couple of years ago. Working for Fever Tree, it made total sense for Charlotte and James to have a gin-themed wedding, stretching way past just naming the tables after their favourite gins! There was a Fever Tree bike, serving various ‘perfect serves’ for a large number of British artisan gins, ideally matched with their best garnishes, the menu for which had taken weeks to prepare:

:: Bold Gin, Fever Tree aromatic tonic, orange slice

:: Cotswold Gin, Fever Tree Indian Tonic, pink grapefruit and a bay leaf

:: Pink Pepper Gin, Fever Tree Aromatic tonic, lemon peel, lavender

:: Portobello Road Gin, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, pink grapefruit, rosemary

:: Salcombe Gin, Fever Tree Indian tonic, pink grapefruit

:: Sipsmith Gin, Fever Tree Indian tonic, lime wedge

:: Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, Fever Tree elderflower tonic, orange peel

:: Tarquins Gin, Fever Tree elderflower tonic, strawberries

:: Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin, Fever Tree ginger ale, lemon peel

As you can see, there was an array of tastes catered for! Charlotte and James also created their own unique gin recipe which they gave as favours to their guests.

Click here to be taken to Charlotte and James’ showcase to read about their full wedding story, whilst sipping on your favourite gin and tonic this weekend!