In line with our latest brand evolution and the launch of our re-designed website, we are delighted to be able to explore our newest culinary offering: our Spring Summer 2018 menu. The inspiration, expertise, development and passion behind this collection of dishes, is what truly sets Stones Events apart from ordinary caterers.

A playful approach was taken in the writing of our latest dishes. Many can be seen as an exploration of flavour, texture, temperature and colour combinations. Tuna marries with juicy watermelon and salty seaweed, offset with light puffs of rice in one of our newest canapes.

Our latest offering showcases the finest ingredients as we move through Spring to Summer: seasonality paired with timelessness is at the heart of all we do. Global fusions and innovative flavour combinations, are offset by luxury comfort food; evoking nostalgia in a truly sophisticated way.

This is reflected in our menu structure. Our VIP menus are a collection of our client favourite dishes from over the years reimagined, that we honestly couldn’t bear to part with! Whilst our Seasonal menus display our love for the new and exciting – the classics in the making.

The versatility and vibrancy of our food means we are always keen to individually tailor menus to represent clients’ tastes and requirements. Our team’s collective passion for delivering excellence on every level, allows us to respond creatively to specific briefs and continuously push boundaries, in order to create bespoke menus full of personality.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of food-obsessed planners to see how Stones can make your guests’ mouths water your next event.