Two months ago, the nation was in the throes of Royal Wedding excitement. It had reached fever pitch, with banners, streamers, party plans and delicious food all prepared to celebrate. People lined the streets in London and had waited patiently for hours to catch a glimpse of the Prince Harry and his beautiful bride Meghan.

While most onlookers wondered at the outfits; who would be wearing what designer, and of course, what will THE dress be like, in a typical caterer fashion, we wondered at the food… will they have canapes, where will the menu draw its’ inspiration from, how will it be served, when and where will the food be serve…

Following the publishing of parts of the menu, we were delighted to see that the couple had decided on the ever increasingly popular option of bowl food for their daytime reception. Bowl food is a great informal, yet satisfying, option for any event, mixing fantastic ingredients with lots of miniature portions to really wow guests and ensure they do not go home hungry!

We have seen a surge in bowl food events recently – with two events next week, enjoying Wild Seabass, pecorino gnocchi, lovage pesto, glazed pork cheek, apple, celeriac, truffled breadcrumbs and crispy goats cheese, hazelnuts, honey, thyme and endive to name a few of the dishes we have created!

We believe that the popularity of bowl food with continue to grow, and with our recently launched gastronomically appealing menus it is easy to see why!