Ferrari 488 Spider Launch Party

How do you launch a new Ferrari? By turning an exquisite Swiss-made watch showroom into a Ferrari dealership.

The launch spanned three days at the central London venue, and involved a lot of logistical planning and coordinating. By day, the watch showroom had to be fully functioning, which meant that any changes we made to the space had to be done so in a two hour window between the showroom closing at 5pm and guests arriving at 7pm.

The menu had to be well thought out and authentic. The beauty of Italian food lies in its simple ingredients that really deliver on flavour. Our chef team visited a specifically selected supplier based in London who sources and imports authentic Italian produce, which provided the best possible foundation for the canapes.

In keeping with the roots of the world-famous brand, the canapes were served on Italian marble, showcasing their colour and ingredients. Mirror was also used, reflecting the beautiful ingredients perfectly.

A cocktail menu was written by our talented bar team, the names of which took inspiration from the Ferrari brand and car itself, and were served in specially selected glassware. New drinks service trays were designed for this event, emulating the new car with its sleek design.

Finally, the staff were sourced from a fabulous high class Italian events agency and provided exquisite service which provided an authentic Italian feel.

This was a remarkable event for us to be a part of; explore the event further with the menu, drinks and gallery pages.