Daytrue ‘First’ Party

Daytrue are a company who are really close to our hearts. Not only did the owners used to come to the Stones Restaurant all those years ago, but we catered for opening, their first birthday party and they also kitted our Tom’s home kitchen.

Following a refit after a flood last year, they wanted to mark their reopening and the beginning of London Design Festival with one of their parties – and what a party! These events are great for us and the staff love working for them. A kitchen showroom is the ideal place for our chefs to show off their skills and the guests get to see the kitchens in action – perfect!

The brief this year was a little different – a celebration of firsts. Your first kiss, the first album you bought, the first song you learnt all the words to, the first holiday you went on with your friends, your first drink. Guests were invited to share their firsts (and possibly win a medal!) and compete for some new ones.

The food and drinks were therefore based around ingredients and flavour combinations that guests may not have had before. Cured grouse, ox cheek and dehydrated Bloody Mary made up a number of the delicious bowl food dishes.

Daytrue also launched their own brand of gin at the event, which we served with Fever Tree Tonic, two olives, a sprig of rosemary and five pink peppercorns. Wine, beer and soft drinks were also circulated by our staff wearing bespoke t-shirts.We also provided a wondering oyster meister, and sourced cookies made from cricket flour – a sweet snack guests had never tried before!

There ain’t no party like a Daytrue party and this was no exception – see for yourself in the next few pages.