The anticipation of a brand new, luxury SUV is palpable. When Bentley launched the Bentayga the roadshow that followed spanned the country, and we were lucky enough to see its’ unveiling at our local Bentley showroom.

We have catered many events in this space so we know the showroom well, however this event seemed different, there was more excitement and enthusiasm. The event for us encompassed production as well as food and drink, which meant we could really get involved with the feel of the showroom as guests arrived.

Because of the glass frontage of the showroom, outside and interior lighting make an incredible impact. A purple colour was chosen to highlight the black, white and chrome logo, which our mirror bar reflected perfectly.

Guests were greeted with cocktails on arrival, including the aptly named Bentley Bramble. The meu was designed as a tasting menu, beginning with crudities, moving on to beautiful beef, lamb and lobster bowl food dishes, and cumulating with a cheese tasting.

Bentley’s Affinity Partners were also present, including wine tasting from Charles Mitchell Wines, Antidote Art, St. James Place Wealth Management, along with beautiful time pieces and stunning jewellery in showcases from Lumbers Jewellers.

The car reveal followed the reception and a speech by Sean Cook. The dramatic dropping of the cover curtain was intensified by dramatic lighting and music, illustrating perfectly the hashtag #BeExtraordinary.