Beach Club Showcase

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than having a party? Better yet, a fashionable, Saint Tropez beach club themed party… exactly what we thought! We have designed several parties for this family and love working with them; it is the chance for us to get really creative, and this time was no exception.

The tone was established with a bespoke designed invitation, which set the scene for the exclusive, family-branded beach club. A slice of lemon, depicting a ‘K,’ on a fresh turquoise background captured what was to come.

The theme continued with the décor of the marquee… (which was barely recognisable as a marquee!): wooden decking provided a sun terrace, while sand replaced carpet in the structure itself. The cocktail bar was branded with the club logo, and whitewashed tables and bright coloured stools provided the seating areas. The staff were dressed in branded white polo shirts, relaxed chinos and white pumps, emulating the famous beach clubs of Ibiza.

As guests arrived to the marquee with the backdrop of a setting sun and chilled Ibiza tunes, they were greeted with fresh, fruity cocktails, adorned with branded drinks stirrers and exciting garnishes. The drinks were reminiscent of high-class sundowners, and were inspired by the family’s favourite flavours.

We designed a relaxed menu, which encompassed elements of all things holiday. The canape menu was created around the theme, and served on clear Perspex boxes filled with sand. Fresh seafood, BBQ meats and crunchy salads were then served from whitewashed, wooden food stations, and exquisite desserts which included various summer inspired popsicles, an ice cream bar and churros were then enjoyed.

And nothing says holiday like a party! As the cocktails flowed and the evening continued, the music moved up a gear and the marquee was transformed into a beachside night club.

Have a look at the wonderful menu on the following pages.