21st Birthday Private Party

A joint 21st birthday party is always exciting, but when you are asked to produce a chemistry themed party, complete with 250 guests, a three-course menu, marquee, lighting, band, DJ and entertainers, who can blame us for reaching a fever pitch?!

A marquee is a perfect blank canvas for a party – we can get as creative as we like with lighting, decoration, furniture and the very set up of the space with very little restriction. The marquee had an amazing view of a lake, and the surrounding area provided the pitches for the tents allocated to guests for them to sleep in following the party. Guests were checked in on arrival and shown to their tent, before entering the experimental part of the marquee.

Guests were greeted with cocktails served in test tubes, watering cans and unusual glasses, by staff members wearing lab coats, goggles and explosion make up. Laboratory-esque furniture was adorned with glass conical flasks which appeared to have vegetables growing in them, and the back bar was decorated with more conical flasks filled with brightly coloured liquids.

Following a two course meal (where name cards were displayed in test tubes!), dessert was served back in the laboratory; instant ice cream, whereby guests picked their flavour and this was then frozen in front of them using dry ice. A pyramid of UV jellies was also displayed.

Funky street dancers were the prelude to Ollie’s fantastic circus act, who wowed guests following dinner with impressive gymnastic routine incorporating a giant hoop. The band, MDNGHT, then kicked off the party, filling the dancefloor before the DJ Sally K took over. Moving heads and smoke guns created an amazing effect around the dancefloor.

An explosion and a huge plumb of smoke saw the mad-professor host run from his ‘laboratory’, closely followed by an enormous wedding cake, topped with frothing test tubes. The party continued following the cake presentation, with late food fuelling more dancing until the early hours.