We pride ourselves at making our own bread here at Stones Events, which is why a whole month dedicated to traditional sourdough is right up our street! Long thought to be the traditional method of making bread and arguably still the best, sourdough uses a ‘starter’ which combines naturally occurring yeast and lactobacilli bacteria growing inside a paste made of flour and water. Contrast this to the other methods of using cultivated forms of yeast and you have your main difference!

Sourdough is a great basis for our dishes, and features in our Spring/Summer menu in the following dishes:

  • Smoked duck liver parfait, fermented plum, sourdough, pistachio (n) – duck liver parfait slathered on sourdough, heaven!
  • Chicken liver parfait, onion jelly, sourdough wafers, multigrain granola – these wafers are the perfect accompaniment to this chicken liver parfait, and a play on the traditional sourdough loaf.
  • Crispy quail egg, cep mayo, toasted sourdough, ruby gem (v) – think grown up egg and soldiers for this bowl food delight!

Sourdough is the basis for our panzanella, which features heritage tomatoes and is a real taste of the Med. The interaction of the yeast and the natural enzymes they secrete has a beneficial effect on the flavour and texture of the bread, meaning it is the perfect consistency to soak up the delicious flavoured oil used to dress our panzanella – perfect for wiping the plate clean with!

You can also pick from a selection of bread for our sharing menus, which are either served to the centre of the dining tables for guests to help themselves to or from a buffet table, including sourdough of course!