A Fun and exciting staff training session getting ready for our Autumn Winter cocktail menu launch!

As ever we are always researching and trialing new ideas to keep our drinks menus fresh and fashionable. We know that the business of making cocktails is a pretty serious one and includes many skilled elements that determine whether you’ll get a poor relation of the all time classics, or the real deal! Staying one step ahead of the game, the Stones Events team spent a fun afternoon learning how to make and serve the most sought after refreshments, as taught by one of London’s elite cocktail bartenders, Jay Decker.

Cocktails can be introduced into any event in a number of ways. Our ‘Cocktail Hour’ is very popular at weddings after the meal and before dancing – our talented mixologists can create as much or as little theatre as you want, and can even show guests can to make their own drinks! Not content with just one cocktail, we create a menu of two cocktails and a mocktail to ensure all of your guests get the 5 star treatment.

To shake or to stir? Cubed or crushed ice? Flute, glass or cup? Double or single strain? To garnish or not to garnish? Our team know the answers (Thanks Jay!) Using the Stones Events 10 year anniversary celebrations as inspiration for our eclectic concoctions, we are delighted to present a fabulous list of deliciously different tipples that will want to eat with your eyes! Each individually garnished like a gift wrapped present. Our highlights include the Lavender Lady and the Smoking Honey, but we’ll let you make up your own mind…

Snapshot of some of the drinks featuring on our new list!

TAMARIND TOMMIES – 50ml Tequila Blanco, 25ml Agave, 25ml Yuzu juice, 1 pinch of saffron 10ml taramind paste. Cubed Ice. Shake & Strain. Garnish with dehydrated lime wheel

LIMELIGHT – 35ml Gin, 20ml Aperol, 30ml grapefruit, 30ml camomile syrup, 5ml lemon curd. No ice. Shake & Double strain. Garnish with Crisantemum flower

PLUM NEGRONI – 25ml whiskey, 15ml Antica Formula, 15ml Aperol, 25ml Umeshu. Cubed ice. Shake & Strain. Garnish with dehydrated grapefruit