An element of luxury dining we all know and love, canapés are the height of gourmet food and we’ve got a selection that is guaranteed to be some of the best you’ve ever had. Available in both sweet and savoury varieties, we’ve created canapés to work for every theme and every kind of event and satisfy every taste palette.

When it comes to canapé catering, there are two key elements to success: great food and impeccable service and here at Stones Events, we’ve got both on offer. Our seasonal catering menus have around 100 different canapé options including both hot and cold savoury options on our standard and VIP menus as well as a selection of sweet canapés.

Each and every one of the canapés on our menu is made using fresh and where possible, locally sourced ingredients to ensure that these bite-size dishes are packed full of flavour so that with just one mouthful, you get every taste you could want and need.

Our canapés can be served as pre-dinner nibbles before your guests take their seats or throughout the duration of your event if that is your dining option of choice and thanks to the vast selection of canapés we have available, your guests certainly won’t get bored with everything we’ll have on offer.

If you want to host your event with confidence knowing that there are decadent canapés available on tap, all made by industry experts and served by impeccably trained staff, enlist the help of Stones Events to handle the canapé catering for your special occasion.