Bowl Food

Bigger than a canapé, smaller than a main meal – bowl food is the latest catering trend that we simply can’t get enough of. Designed to be eaten standing up, bowl food is a miniature version of larger dishes served in rice bowls and served by our staff in the same way we present our canapés. If you haven’t got time for a formal meal at your event but want delicious bites to eat to be available at all times, serving bowl food is the best option for you.

Each of our seasonal menus has a dedicated section of bowl food, created using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that are in season at that time for the best flavour. Our bowl food and small plates are available in a vast selection of both sweet and savoury flavours and we even have a selection of vegan dishes, known as our ‘clean bowls’.

Whether you want to serve small bursts of rich and meaty flavours or something sweet and refreshing, we’ve already got the perfect bowl food prepared and waiting for you to choose for the menu for your special event.

An ideal option for private and corporate events alike, if you want high-quality food served in a new and innovative way, this is the perfect dining option for you. The ideal way to add a VIP feel to your special occasion, there’s nothing to not love about this modern way of serving great food.

If our bowl food and small plates sound like a perfect fit for the occasion you’re hosting, don’t delay in getting in contact with the Stones Events team.

Get in touch today to get the planning for your event underway.