BBQ Catering

We all know that the best part of summer is the food, in particular, BBQs, so if you’re hosting a special occasion under the sun, why not enlist the help of Stones Events to show you how BBQ catering is really done. After hosting plenty of Stones BBQs in our time, we know that our customers love the menu we have on offer and the way we work our BBQs, so if you want to experience it for yourself, wait no longer!

A successful BBQ is a balanced combination of two things: skilled chefs and great ingredients and luckily for you, we’ve got both here at Stones Events. Our BBQ catering menu is carefully designed to have a whole selection of classic favourite dishes that can be done on a vast scale and we’re confident in saying, we’ve got it just right.

Starting with a selection of BBQ inspired nibbles before going on to the main event, we’ve got meat, fish and vegetarian options on our BBQ menu, so no matter what your preference, we can grill you up a taste sensation you’ll never forget.

We understand that BBQs aren’t just about what’s on the grill but what’s being served on the side too which is why we’ve also created an irresistible selection of side salads that just scream summer and are the perfect, refreshing partner to our intensely flavoured grills.

Forget basic burgers and sausages, we’ve put a creative and innovative spin on BBQing, so to witness what we’ve got on offer for yourself, organise your very own Stones BBQ today.

Whether it’s a wedding, private party or corporate event, a BBQ is always a good option, so get in touch today.