Bowl food is a current style of food service comprising miniature versions of dishes presented in rice bowls, circulated by our staff and designed to eat standing. It functions as a refreshing alternative to canapés and a great way to feed a large number of people without formal seating.

Guests do not necessarily need to have a sit down meal to enjoy a filling treat- this is an incredibly popular option enabling guests to socialise and mingle the same way a canapé reception would yet offers a satisfying meal at the same time.

Bowl Food has become a crowd favourite for private parties and receptions with some restaurants in London and California ONLY serving food in bowls! Not only does the yummy food combinations entice the guests but research has shown that simply holding the bowl can feel more comforting and you are more likely to savour every bite. There are few things as simple and comforting as holding a warm bowl filled with gorgeous food. This unassuming piece of dinnerware has enjoyed a surge in popularity (positives all round then!)

Although in 2016 top trends in bowl-food revolved around sushi-like dishes for example, Hawaiian poke, 2017 will see an increase in more filling bowl selections including pasta, lentils and chickpeas.

Beautifully presented, exciting to taste and always leaves guests feeling satisfied. Slow cooked lamb shoulder, couscous and harissa yoghurt or Duck tikka, cashews and spiced mango, are just a couple of our delightful bowl food dishes.

Have a look at our website and menu to read more about our Bowl Food Selection!