For the eagle-eyed amongst you you’ll remember our ‘Dessert or Cheeseboard’ debate back in the summer. Well now we are dragging up that time-old debate – when going for a dessert, should one opt for fruit or chocolate-based desserts?

In autumn time this debate is particularly apt. When you are faced with the dichotomy of a sweet, warm fruit crumble lathered in custard or the rich, heavenly chocolate pudding which would you choose?


Fruit Desserts

Veggies and fruits are low in sugar, fat and salt and are an extremely good source of dietary fibre. You can reap the real benefits of some fruits and vegetables when you cook them. Their cooked versions are easier for the body to digest and cooking also helps in releasing their nutrients in a much better manner.

Fruit can be cooked using hot heating or dry-heating methods. Poaching, stewing and other heating methods are wonderful for dressing up plain fruit. Sauces and compotes are usually made using moist-heat cooking. Dry-heat methods that enhance fruit include grilling or broiling, roasting or baking, and sautéing

Tasty temptations of fruity desserts that can be found on our menus include;

Pear frangipane tart, pear cognac sorbet, pear crisp

“Fig roll”, vanilla mascarpone, Earl Grey jelly

Whole apple crumble, hazelnuts, oats, vanilla custard (n)

Roasted banana parfait, malted meringue, butterscotch


Chocolate Desserts

Think dessert and the word chocolate irresistibly comes to mind and very rarely can we be seen to turn down a chocolate dessert! Whether it be in a torte, cheesecake, sponge pudding or mousse this versatile ingredient is the perfect pièce de résistance for any meal. Chocolate keeps beautifully for several months at room temperature if it is properly wrapped and protected from humidity and heat. You can also keep it in the refrigerator, or even the freezer, although this might cause the cocoa butter to develop white spots upon its surface. Fortunately, these spots will not affect the taste at all, and will disappear once you melt the chocolate! It is useful to know if you are going to melt chocolate for create your pudding that white chocolate is difficult to melt. A microwave will scorch it too quickly, so your best bet is to melt over boiling water!

Temptations on our menu include;

Chocolate ganache, beets cooked in raspberry vinegar, yoghurt

White chocolate & satsuma mousse, kalamansi, black pepper meringue

Dark chocolate mousse, cranberry preserve, muscovado shortbread

Peanut parfait, chocolate mousse, peanut brittle, malted milk crisp (n)


Right, that’s all the advice you are going to get from us – the rest is up to you! Chocolate or fruit? (As always, we recommend having both but that’s just greedy us!!!).