It was a pleasure to join Aston Martin Bristol in launching one of their most eagerly anticipated cars, the new Vantage. Bristol’s state-of-the-art showroom was the perfect setting to host a truly glamourous evening, unveiling the new model to 300 of Aston Martin’s VIP clients.

We embraced the car’s motif of ‘the hunter’ in the design of the event and went all out with atmospheric navy blue lighting and stunning blueberry mojitos. Harking back to Aston Martin’s classic roots, guests also enjoyed vodka martinis with a lemon twist.

Guests couldn’t get enough of our new menu canapes, including ‘parmesan cornetto, chicken skin, sherry vinegar, thyme’ and ‘crispy crab ravioli, Old Bay aioli’.

All in all a beautiful event to set off a beautiful new offering from Aston Martin.